traditional pharmacies

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    traditional pharmacies

    If approved in Pittsfield, the ban on tobacco sales would impact 10 businesses with pharmacies belonging to six retail chains. The traditional pharmacies include four Rite Aid stores and one CVS. The prohibition would also extend to the two Stop Shop supermarkets, along with two other grocers, Big Y and Price Chopper and the Walmart department store..

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    The Kate Spade label posted a 76% increase in net sales in the three months ended Sept. 28.”The market for these brands doesn’t seem subject to the recession their business is consistently getting better and better,” said Ron Friedman, leader of the retail practice at consulting firm Marcum.Take Coach, a bridge luxury brand where a wallet can be purchased for less than $200.The American Affluence Research Center found in a fall study that a third of wealthy respondents had owned Coach products, by far the most out of a group of brands that included Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Gucci, Chanel, Prada and Burberry. A quarter of respondents said they believed that Coach was overrated, less than any of the other brands.

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