They can touchhistory

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    They can touchhistory

    FMHS band receives invite to 2017 New Year

    FORT MYERS, Fla. Friday night, theFort Myers High School band will perform at its usualweekly football game, but off the field, the students are gearing up for the trip of a lifetime.

    Atop official from England travelled to Southwest Floridato personally deliver an invitation to the250 band members for the 2017 New Year Day parade.

    The high school entire music departmentturned upto welcome the Lord Mayor of WestminsterCatherine Longworth, who arrived to invite the students to also performduring a week visit to London.

    feel so honored to go, and excited, like my nerves are off the charts right now, said student Jalen Luna.

    In 2007, the Green Wave marching band made atrip to London, and the music teachers have wanted a return engagement for the young people ever since.

    the see the eyes, and to see the cheap jerseys expression on these kids that, they having the trip of a lifetime. They can touchhistory, said band teacher Mark Dahlberg. at those kids faces, makes all the stress all thesweat, worth it in the end. trip won becheap, it costs $3,300 per student. Sohe musicians also are busy, raising money, and putting every penny into their trip piggy bank.

    actually raised about $500 this far, said student Megan Miller, putting all of my money into that savings fund and not spending it. am forever daunted by the amount of money that we have to raise. But, we always accomplish it, said chorus teacher Matt Koller.

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