The original complaint

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    The original complaint

    The original complaint was filed in 2011 on behalf of Michael Murphy who claimed to be unjustly compensated by DCSO. The amended complaint seeks class action status in order to open it up to all similarly situated individuals. Currently there is a motion pending in the original case for a leave to file the amended complaint..

    “I made a sketch, and we started to make the dress,” the 83 year old designer told WWD, who recounted that after work began on the adjustments, someone from Team Streep called the atelier to cancel the order. “‘Don’t continue the dress. We found somebody who will pay us,'” Lagerfeld said, quoting the messenger..

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    Just pick a comfortable bar stool under the old mismatched light fixtures and tin ceiling. Grab some pub fair or maybe poke your head in the backroom to check out a variety of live music and comedy if you feel up to snuff. It all still feels like home and if you see kids, it only because their grandpa is probably buying them their first beer ever.

    Then, after only 32 minutes of play Saturday morning, play was halted again by high winds. Thirty nine players have yet to complete the second round, including co leader Dustin Johnson. The head of the International Olympic Committee hopes the world’s best golfers will stay in the athletes’ village during the 2016 Games in Rio de Janeiro.

    After the dogs’ owners Will and Henry Oakley have vetted me via Skype, I arrive at their villa on Barbados’s west coast, down steep roads surrounded by stalky, heat weathered fields. It’s lazily quiet until I open the gates. Rather than the forced cheer of an obsequious receptionist, my welcome party is the hyperactive Soca (the joyful Caribbean calypso music that makes even the most cynical wiggle a hip), an 11 week old black labrador..

    The impressive response Monk wanted after QPR, or the response he expected, was complicated by an early Fleetwood strike on 13 minutes, scored with the aid of a defence who are already shipping the same brand of cheap concessions which kept Leeds well away from any honours last season. Fleetwood fancied a scalp, as Rosler doubtless did, and Aaron Holloway’s goal dumped Leeds in another hole. It took the late introduction of Antonsson and a strong cameo from Mowatt to rescue them from it.

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