The Frank Wicher Band knows country music

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    The Frank Wicher Band knows country music

    The Frank Wicher Band knows country music

    Frankly speaking, in today’s music scene, some bands are like a cheap bottle of watered down whiskey: they’re sort of cheap jerseys good, but really lack a good, strong kick.

    If you fancy your bands to be as strong and powerful as a top shelf bottle of Southern comfort, slap on your boots on and mosey on over to The Links at Hemlock Creek in Bloomsburg this Friday for a strong dose of the ever popular Frank Wicher Band.

    “We have had many people come up after one of our shows saying that they were never country music fans but they really love the music that we play,” said Frank Wicher, lead guitarist and vocalist for the band. “We play covers and originals songs from my two CDs, ‘Born To Be Me’ and ‘Can I Be Frank With You.'”

    Founded in 2009, the band also includes the smooth sounds of Bonnie Wicher on vocals, the electrifying Buzz Meachum on bass, Dave Eisenhower on drums and the multi talented Chris Trasatti on vocals and harmonica.

    The Frank Wicher Band takes their own country spin on tunes from such legendary musical mainstays as Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash, Merle Haggard, Hank Williams Jr. and John Fogerty.

    The band’s distinct country infused style has set them apart from other bands throughout the Valley partly due to the fact this band is the real deal.

    While anyone can slap on a cowboy hat and a pair of boots and call themselves country, The Frank Wicher Band embodies not only the country sound, but style and down home attitude that doesn’t come from a store.

    And no matter where the band plays, when they turn up the volume, good times and tunes follow.

    “We are booked at The Links once a month and The Temperance House in Lewisburg and we recently opened up for Montgomery Gentry at The Community Arts Center in Williamsport,” he said.

    Describing their musical style as part classic country with an outlaw honky tonk edge, the band lives up to their reputation as one of the area’s best country groups.

    “You can dance to just about every one of our songs and understand the words,” Wicher said. “Personally music is life. I think every musician has passion or they wouldn’t be musicians. You will have a great time at one of our events.”.

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