The day’s rides: two on Metrolin

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    The day’s rides: two on Metrolin

    The day’s rides: two on Metrolink, three on a subway and one on a bus. But the pass was still valid. And so on Sunday morning I boarded the train again for the journey west. Strata Community Australia is calling for a new system, where developers have to put aside a “bond” worth 2 per cent of the cost of their residential development.Waterproofing (or the lack of it) is considered a leading and systemicproblem for apartment buildings in Melbourne today, with many who manage the city’sapartment towers saying “if it has a balcony, it will leak”.Someapartments have become uninhabitable through water damage caused by poor construction methods, with water seeping through multiple levels where proper waterproof membranes have not been installed.Phil Dwyer, president of the Builders Collective of Australia, has no doubts about the damage poor waterproofing can wreak.”What might happen is that the water gets into walls orthe structure of the floor, and itstarts to rot the timber,” he said. “It can do a lot of damage in a short period of time.”An air gap between a wall and a window frame. Photo: SuppliedWindows have fallen out of high rise apartmentsAnother key problem in Melbourne is windows and glazed balconies leaking, falling out, warping or cracking when installed incorrectly or used for the wrong purpose.Express Glass managing director AdrianGrocottsaid glass installers were not licensed as a trade and mistakes were not being picked up by building surveyors before new residents moved in.”There is really nothing stopping anyone bringing in a container of product from overseas, installing it in a building and having that installer hand over a piece of paper saying this product complies with the building code in Australia,” he said.”That’s the end of it until something goes wrong.She said there was a growing national trend of cheaperimported glass and glazing being substituted during the design process to save money.Owners are left carrying the canBut it is what happens when thing go awry that is perhaps the greatest cause for alarm.Consider the case of Amanda Frazer, a first home buyer who boughtin Ormondoff the planin 2012.

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