He said every parent should realize it

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    He said every parent should realize it

    He said every parent should realize it could be their kid using, and encourages them to look for signs.”They don sleep well, easily agitated, dilated pupils, grades start to fall, things that were very interested in before become much less interesting, things start to disappear they being sold,” said Payne.He said parents should be afraid to ask questions, and help stop kids from using synthetic drugs.”All of us as parents, and just citizens of our community need to be aware and pull our heads out of the sand, on what taking place here, there are people making huge amounts of money on our kids, and you know there lives being ruined, we losing kids because of it, from it, and you know it needs to stop, it very, very ugly,” said Payne.The SEMO Youth Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition is working to combat the drug problem.The coalition will host the second event of the Breakthrough Breakfast Series Tuesday October 16, 2012 at 9am. The series is organized by the Coalition Advocacy Committee. It focuses on prescription drug abuse and misuse.

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