gas supply could drive prices even lower

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    gas supply could drive prices even lower

    gas supply could drive prices even lower

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    Being an effective Opposition party is a difficult and often thankless task. The Opposition has no real power it can’t pass legislation or determine what gets debated in the house, and its position on various issues usually has little or no impact on what a government does.

    Challenge the whole family to clean up a space in just seven minutes. Doesn’t matter if they’re 3, 13 or 43 years old or if the targeted area is the family room or someone’s bedroom EVERYONE pitches in. Certain drivers need to be kept off the road. If taking a picture of my licence plate helps police identify those drivers who might be suspended for poor driving or who have previous convictions for impaired driving, then be my guest..

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    Referring to Virginia Tech News again, nearly 1.3 million dollars has been added to the contribution towards student financial aid this year. Realizing that this copious amount has been added to the financial aid budget in addition to the increased tuition doesn’t seem very promising to the unfortunate students who have to pay some extra out of pocket money for the semester.

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