Fort Myers CRA Executive Director

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    Fort Myers CRA Executive Director

    FM steps up downtown security after ZombiCon shooting

    FORT MYERS, Fla. Cellphone video and footage from downtownFort Myersbusinesses has been critical to investigators still searching for the ZombiCon shooter.

    More than six weeks after the shooting, police and Fort Myers city leaders are focused on security. The project to install surveillance cameras downtown and other troubled areas around the city won come cheap. The city needs to come up with $30,000 to get it done.

    should have done it a year ago before this but unfortunately it took Zombicon to make people aware of the situation, says Danielle Martin. it good now. Myers City Council asked the community redevelopment agency to pitch in $100,000. The agency slashed parts of their budget and emptied out others, like money dedicated to bringing tech businesses downtown.

    Fort Myers CRA Executive Director, Don Paight says the board believes it worth it.

    we recruit new businesses we have to ensure it a safe location for them to come to. It one of the things they and their employees look at, cheap jerseys said Paight. we felt it was more important at this point to address the security issue and be able to get that fully under control so that as we do go out and recruit the business we can point out the fact that we have the latest technology. board also unanimously approved taking an additional $14,000 from their reserve fund for extra security at large events.

    a great idea, said Smith. think it for the safety of all citizens who live here and it would help stop crime and we can still continue to have all the events downtown in a more safe atmosphere. city hopes to have the first phase of cameras installed before the New Year Eve event which is expected to draw thousands of people downtown.

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