Early Thursday

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    Early Thursday

    Early Thursday morning, the European Central Bank announced that it was making an unprecedented move: lowering interest rates below zero. This means that banks will actually pay 0.1 percent for the privilege of having their money held by the ECB. For years now, the United States and Japan have paid near zero interest to banks for depositing funds with the government, but Europe’s move to charging banks is new territory for a major economy..

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    While the individual positive financial attributes are significant, other attributes are continuing to improve the air quality and providing a small contribution to lower the price of fossil fuels by reducing the demand. Also, typical power generation inefficiencies and the 4 to 10 percent grid transmission losses are not part of the solar model, as the excess power generated by these scattered local systems is likely used by neighbors. Solar now supplies 2 to 4 percent of our local footprint needs..

    Shewanella oneidensis thrives on metal ions, converting them to metals like iron that serve as nutrients for other microbes. The bacterium was shown to be harmed by the compound nickel manganese cobalt oxide, which is produced in nanoparticle form and is poised to become the dominant material in the lithium ion batteries that will power portable electronics and electric vehicles. Illustration: Ella Marushchenko/University of Minnesota.

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