Americans in retirement

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    Americans in retirement

    Makes it easy for expats to attain residency status via its Qualified Retired Persons program, according to AARP, just one reason this tiny nation is especially appealing for Americans in retirement. boasts gorgeous white beaches on the Caribbean Sea, intriguing jungles, ancient Mayan ruins, spectacular wildlife reserves, and plenty of aquatic sport opportunities. It’s also the only nation in Central America where English is the official language, though many locals also speak Spanish and an Creole.

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    On an aesthetic level, CMX is a visual treat that adds to the impressive architecture of BCC, which is, if we honest, a mall masquerading as modern art (or perhaps the other way around). Market, and it seems they want to make an immediate splash, sparing no expense. The 35,759 square foot theater features 10 screens.

    Budget that factors in other holiday related expenses. But using them on big items is risky because they don’t offer the purchase protections that credit cards do. For instance, if you fail to report any misuse of your bank account within two days, you may be liable for the first $500 billed to your debit card instead of the first $50..

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